An Incredibly Juicy Video Poker Game

An Incredibly Juicy Video Poker Game

When I first began playing video poker some 25 decades back, I understood about the value of playing with a border. At the beginning of my online video poker playing career, it was rather standard to find video poker games which had a theoretical yield over 100 percent, particularly in the neighborhood’s casinos in Las Vegas (and in 1 casino in Mississippi). The majority of the time, my spouse and I played with a deuces wild game called Full Pay Deuces Wild (or FPDW), which returned 5 coins each coin played for 4-of-a-kind and 15 coins for 5-of-a-kind. By enjoying every hand correctly, the game needed a theoretical yield of 100.76percent (meaning you had an advantage of 0.76percent on the casino).

You needed to play each hand absolutely so my spouse and I heard that the video poker system to get FPDW employing a video poker computer software training program on our home PC before our playing precision was virtually 100 percent, and also to make sure we played each hand correctly, we brought along a plan card once we played in the event we weren’t absolutely confident of how to perform a particular hand. I also played the following game in vegas that needed a theoretical yield of 100.17percent (called 10/7 Double Bonus; though this match had a greater variance than FPDW, meaning that the ups and downs on your own bankroll were steeper and thus necessitated more bankroll). Nevertheless, it was not long until the casinos began downgrading the pay schedules of the two matches so the theoretical yields were under 100%. This left us change our attention to not just playing video poker matches with the greatest theoretical yield which were provided in casinos but also with the finest Player’s Club advantages to boost our general yield to higher than 100%.

Then along came THE match at a Mississippi casino (circa 2012) that blew me off. This specific casino provided a lender of innovative video poker machines which comprised 9/6 Jacks or Better (JOB) in a dollar denomination.

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A conventional 9/6 JOB match (in which the royal flush payout is 4,000 coins) includes a theoretical return of 99.54 percent, which lets you receive over a 100% yield if the casino rewards exceed 0.5%. However, this specific casino had an advanced meter for its royal flush on its own machines. When I recollect, it was a 1 percent meter, which means the total amount of the progressive jackpot for a royal flush rose 10 cents a $10 played. (This implies the quantity of the royal flush jackpot when playing with five coins in a buck denomination was often at the $4,200 to $4,500 range until it was struck. The latter is dependent, naturally, how much drama the machine receives. I began enjoying each week, and on every trip, the majority of the time that the jackpot was at the above mentioned selection.)

As a guideline when playing innovative jacks or better video poker free , the theoretical yield of a match increases by 0.5percent for each 1,000 coins over the 4,000 coin foundation for the royal flush payout. As an instance, if the payout to your royal flush was in, say, $4,200 (buck denomination), the theoretical yield of this match would rise from 99.54percent to 100.54percent (99.54% 1.0% = 100.54%) Bottom Line: Most of the time that I playedmy theoretical yield on the match surpassed 100%. But wait, there is more to the story.

This match, like most, needed a Player’s Club. On Monday’s, they’d have a 24-hour casino advertising in which you played a ridiculous game on a kiosk, and if you’re lucky you might get up to 7-times points on all your drama for this day. But if you’re at the high quality of the Player’s Club (which I was), you’d automatically receive a bonded 7-times points multiplier each time you played with the kiosk game. The result: Using an average rate of 0.13 percent, I had been getting another 0.91% yield in my own play. (Another perk was that: there wasn’t any limit to the amount of things you could make on Monday that could be multiplied by 7.)

The things you got following the 7-times multiplication was not able to be cashed outside; howeverthey are downloaded as free play around the exact same 9/6 JOB innovative machines. This was another advantage, because some Mississippi casinos in this time began implementing a new process in which your slot points may only be utilized as free play slots (i.e., video poker machines were excluded).

Finally, since I started playing each Monday, I had been racking up a great deal of base points in my Player’s Club accounts and was getting hefty sums of weekly play within my yearly mailers. I really don’t recollect the precise quantities, but it included about another half per cent to my general yield.

There has been a limited variety of video poker machines which had the hot 9/6 JOB progressives. (I think there have been a total of eight bar-top machines) Having a possible theoretical yield that readily could be 100.2percent or higher (based on the total amount of the jackpot to the royal flush and also the amount of hours that you played Monday to make the most of this advertising ), I understood that additional neighborhood astute video poker players could be flocking to perform with these machines. I needed to find a chair until they tied up all of the machines, so this is what I did.

Luckily, I had a terrific host in this specific casino that advised me if the casino Player’s Club”clock” could begin every day. You’d presume it’d be midnight, but in this particular casino it was 3:00 a.m. So, for the upcoming few months, each Sunday day I drove out of my main residence in Alabama for this match, slept for a couple hours at a comped package, awakened at about 1:30 a.m., checked out, and chose a chair in the innovative machines. By around 2:30 a.m., the lender of these machines was full of astute players. Not one of us we just sat there awaiting 3 a.m. once the 7-times multiplier could be triggered. (Some read the paper; others ate their breakfast in the machinery, but nobody playedwe only patiently waited.) When the clock finally hit 3% on Monday, the automated 7-times advertising started and most of us began shoving countless bucks to the machines and playing for long periods of time. (On the majority of my visits, I normally played –8 hourssometimes more.)

You might find it odd that I’d do something like that every week but if it was an benefit video poker participant , you frequently had to benefit from a hot game or marketing until it finished. Luckily, I hit an excessive amount of royal flushes throughout the time that I played with this particular promotion. (A total of eight royal bites over two- month period that started among their most memorable royal flush stripes I experienced playing video poker. I will clarify this series at a future post )

Between the bonus payouts on the royal flushes, along with the large numbers of free drama I had been making with the 7-times advertising (I regularly had $500 to $800 in free drama each week)I was making quite an impressive sum of money from that hot sport and marketing. But alas, everything came to a screeching halt once I got a call in my casino server one day.

Up until thenI were encouraged to comped golf trips by my host which were held for”high rollers” while I was playing at this match. They possessed a golf course along with these golf excursions were something else; complimentary transport; complimentary breakfast, free lunch; and nearly everybody received a cash prize, oodles of free play, or just a $100 or increased present in the close of the tournament. Anyhow, my host essentially explained he could not invite me to some more video poker championships , and I would be reached by the casino supervisor for the reasons why.

I understood exactly what was going to return and it finally did. The casino zeroed my participant’s club accounts, meaning I would not make any points once I played and that I would not be getting any more cash postings. However, what really annoyed me was that they also deleted almost $2,000 of comps I’d earned from my accounts. (I might have registered a complaint to the Mississippi Gaming Commission for this, and according to previous cases I knew of, they’d have been required to give me back my comps. However, I chose to not pursue this because if I did, I’d have been persona non grata in most of the casinos in Mississippi.)

I didn’t let this story to brag of my great chance of locating and enjoying with this hot game but instead to allow you to understand that being an edge video poker participant has its own dangers, and on occasion you will encounter what I experienced. If something like this occurs, you do exactly what I did: just forget about it and then move to another casino that provides a (hot ) game that is playable.

What was ironic about the above mentioned experience is that a couple weeks after, this casino moved and seriously downgraded their video poker pay tables (such as the prior 9/6 JOB progressives) that essentially made all of the video poker machines in this casino unplayable for clever players.

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