How the Success of Online Slots Have Inspired Contemporary Bingo Trends

How the Success of Online Slots Have Inspired Contemporary Bingo Trends

During the 21st century, bingo in its traditional form suffered a decline in popularity. Despite being a globally-popular game, technological advancements saw the entertainment sector seemingly leave the numbers-based activity behind. In particular, the early 2010s saw fewer players immersing themselves in the much-loved trend.

That, however, has since changed. Although digitalization previously halted the progression of bingo, its transition to web-based platforms has proved fruitful. Not only that, but it has achieved heightened mainstream success through embracing a slot-inspired approach. So, here’s how slots have inspired the revival of modern-day bingo.

Slots Have Led by Example, and Now Bingo’s Reaping the Rewards

According to PR Newswire, the global online gambling sector is forecast to reach a market value of $127.3 billion by 2027. Should this come to fruition, it will represent a compound annual growth rate of 11.5 percent. Because of their long-standing popularity, online slots are likely to be at the heart of this predicted growth, but they also look set to inspire an upward trajectory for bingo.

In nature, the two games have distinct differences. That said, their digital transition has enabled them both to explore forward-thinking concepts. It’s no secret that themed slots have taken the market by storm over the past few years, and such a strategy is now becoming increasingly prevalent across emerging bingo sites.

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Interestingly, this is clear to see across many of the platforms listed at WDW Bingo, in which these trends are more notable. For example, many successful slot franchises have received spin-off titles within bingo, such as Rainbow Riches bingo and even Age of the Gods bingo. This shows how bingo has managed to adapt to the success that slots have enjoyed, and how themed games can be important tools to pull in existing players.

Moreover, at the bonus-offering operator, players can participate in Crystal Maze Bingo, which is centered around the 1990 game show from the UK, The Crystal Maze. This television-oriented theme has long been popular with slots developers, and it’s starting to come to the forefront at various trusted bingo platforms, including Buzz Bingo. Along with 75 and 90-ball variants of Deal or No Deal Bingo, users can also use their sign-up bonuses on The Voice Bingo.

The Pair Share Various Similarities

On the face of it, slot and bingo platforms share little more than adopting a like-minded effort to incorporate on-trend themes into their developments. Although pop culture has enhanced the growth of each market, their similarities extend beyond their respective aesthetics. Since embracing the online world, slot developers have sought to integrate progressive jackpots into their offerings. As a result, other aspects of the gambling industry have followed suit.

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Generally, most opportunities within the sector offer a jackpot, which is a chief prize or the cumulative stakes of any given game. Rather interestingly, both bingo and slots have taken this a step further, with both having a fascination for progressive approaches. In both activities, this sees a rollover total amass if there are no winners, and the figure sometimes surpasses the $1 million mark.

Foundations Laid for Online Bingo’s Success

Ultimately, it’s troublesome to say with certainty that online slots have directly inspired the progression of web-based bingo. However, one thing is for sure. The early success of digital slots laid the foundations and created the blueprint for success within the modern era of gambling for various diverse activities, including bingo. As such, the numbers-based game now has the foundations to enjoy a fruitful, long-term future in the industry.


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