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The enjoying technique for a lot of the hands you’ll obtain once you enjoy the popular Jacks or Better video poker game is just a no-brainer since it’s rather apparent which cards you must hold and those that you need to discard. But then you can find the not so apparent fingers in that you should choose between two (or more) probable plays. For example, how would you perform a submit Jacks or Better that contains

A high couple and also a four-card flush, or
A reduced pair along with three cards to the regal remove?
If you are bewildered, worry no more since by enough time you finish examining this article you’ll know exactly how to perform these hands.

Hands which are usually troublesome are the ones that contain a pair along side sometimes 3-cards to the elegant or 4-cards to the flush, or right flush. The dilemma is whether or not to help keep the set, particularly when it is a high pair (Jacks through Aces), or toss them and apply for the probably higher-ranking and higher-payout hand.


  1. Minimal or large pair and 4-cards to the straight
  2. Minimal or high couple and 4-cards to the flush
  3. Low or large set and 4-cards to the right flush
  4. Reduced or large couple and 3-cards to the royal


A give that matches case

A hand that fits example 1 is the following.

2d    3h    4s    5h    3c

How would you perform it? Could you keep carefully the set of 3s or the four unsuited consecutive cards (2 through 5) and here is another one-card draw for a direct?

Nowadays, it’s really not that hard to find out which enjoy is the best one. All you have to is one of the common video winning at video poker applications and a laptop or computer and you are able to determine which of the two enjoying possibilities — maintaining the reduced couple or the 4-card flush — has the higher expected price (known as EV). In the aforementioned case, your EV is 82 cents per money bet once you hold the 3s and only 68 cents per dollar guess in the event that you contain the 4-card straight. The very best play is the main one with the highest EV, which in this case is always to

winning at video poker

hold the reduced pair over the 4-card straight.
Does this mean you’ll get every hand in the event that you follow the aforementioned video poker strategy? No. What it indicates is that after playing that hand often times, you’ll end up winning additional money whenever you pick the play with the greatest EV.

It should be clear that if maintaining a reduced set around a 4-card straight is the better enjoy, then maintaining a top set around a 4-card right can be the higher play. And it doesn’t matter if your straight contains four unsuited successive cards (like 5, 6, 7, and 8) or four cards with a space (like 5, 6, 7, and 9).

But what when you have a 4-card successive straight which has three high cards, specifically unsuited 10, N, Q, and K. In cases like this, keeping the 4-card straight straight with three high cards includes a larger EV over the reduced pair.

Let’s create the above enjoying strategy right into a easy principle and then display a table that ranks different playing choices to make understanding the rule easy.

Keep carefully the large couple and a low pair over a 4-card straight until the 4-card straight includes three consecutive large cards. If it will, keep carefully the 4-card straight right with three high cards over the low pair.


High set
4-card sequential straight with three large cards
Low couple
4-card right

The above dining table reveals a top set, 4-card right with three successive large cards, reduced set, and a 4-card straight ranked from best EV (high pair) to lowest EV (4-card straight). You always choose the playing technique that’s higher placed in the desk (e.g., high set and reduced set over 4-card straight).

Eliminates and couples

Let us keep on to build our simple technique desk by considering the difficult hands that include a minimal or high couple and 4-cards to the flush. Instances are:

2h 3h 2s 8h 9h

Jh 3h Js 5h 8h

How would you play them? You’re appropriate if you decided keeping the 4-card remove over the reduced couple (first hand) and the large pair within the 4-card flush (second hand).

Keep a high set around a 4-card flush, and the latter over a minimal pair.

Integrating this concept in to our simple playing technique provides the following.


Large couple
4-card remove
4-card straight straight with three large cards
Low pair
4-card straight

Understand that the aforementioned simple strategy rates the fingers with the best EV (top of the table) to the cheapest EV (bottom of table). A quick glance lets you know to help keep the large pair over a 4-card remove or 4-card right; the 4-card remove around the lower couple; and the low pair over the 4-card straight.

Regal Flushes and pairs

Let’s decide to try organizing out fingers which contain three cards to the regal remove along with a pair. How would you perform them?

6s 6d Qh Kh Oh

Jd Js Qh Kh Oh

The play with the best EV in the initial give is always to discard the lower pair (6s) and keep the three cards to the royal remove and bring two cards. In the second example, but, the best enjoy is to keep the high set (J’s) and discard the 3-card elegant flush.

Keep carefully the high couple around a 3-card regal flush, and the latter over the lower pair.

Speaking of elegant flushes, when you yourself have a hand which contains four-cards to the elegant remove, you ought to always toss the lone card and pull one card unless you also have a terry right flush. The EV for the latter is larger compared to the 4-card elegant flush.

Keep carefully the 4-card regal remove except if you have a jim straight flush.

Integrating these rules in to the easy technique dining table and standing the arms by their EV produces the following.


Right remove
4-card noble remove
High set
3-card noble flush
4-card flush
4-card straight straight with three high cards
Reduced set
4-card right

Right flushes and pairs

Arms which contain four cards to a direct remove along with a low or large couple also confuse players. This can be a concept that covers these hands.

Keep consitently the 4-card right remove (with or without gaps) around a higher or low pair.

The desk below summarizes the aforementioned principles right into a simple technique table that rates the hands by their EV. If you are a beginner, I indicate you write down the information in the table on an list card. Get that card with you whenever you enjoy and make reference to it when one of the above hands looks on your screen. Keep in mind to always find the play that’s closest to the the surface of the technique table.


Straight flush
4-card regal flush
4-card right remove
High couple
3-card regal remove
4-card remove
4-card sequential straight containing three high cards
Low couple
4-card right

Notice: After you get knowledgeable about utilizing the over easy enjoying strategy for Jacks or Better, you should think about learning the complete basic playing technique (which contains many more plays). The latter can be obtained on the Internet or on commercially accessible movie poker strategy cards.

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