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Choosing a bookmaker among the bookmakers in Peru that operate in the country is not a decision that we should take lightly or considering only one or two factors. The set of things that we must take into account to do it is numerous, and looking only at the welcome bonus could lead us to a mistake.

There is no bookmaker that is the best at everything and no bookmaker that is the worst at everything. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses, and we will have to balance them in order to finally choose the one that suits us best according to the use we want to give to it. We will try to explain here everything you have to take into account before making your decision. We hope this will be of help to you.

Welcome bonus

It is perhaps the first thing that enters through the eyes. All or almost all Peruvian bookmakers have a welcome offer for those who decide to register and become a new user. This offer usually comes in the form of a bonus and consists in most cases in that the bookmaker offers you a percentage of the first deposit you make up to a maximum amount. It can go from 50% to 100% of the first deposit -or subsequent deposits- and at the moment the maximum amounts range from S/500 to S/ 800.

To access the welcome bonuses you have to register at the bookmaker and open an account, and normally make a first deposit of a minimum in each case. Each operator has its own system and its own rules for each bonus, so we recommend to read carefully the terms and conditions, both the general ones of the operator in question and the particular ones of each promotion. Remember that, in all cases, you must be of legal age to be able to place bets in any Peruvian operator.

Other bonuses and promotions

This is another thing to consider: the existing promotions once you are already a user of the bookmaker you have chosen. There are those with more and those with less promotions, and with different types of them. For example, maybe a bookmaker has a lot of promotions but none in multiple betting, which is the type of bets you usually place. On the other hand, there may be another one that does not have so many promotions, but perhaps it is specialized in the type of bets you are interested in. These are things you have to take into account.

Events and markets

Of course, the number of sports, events and markets (type of bets) is almost the first thing you should consider when choosing a bookmaker in Peru. While, in principle, you will not find too many differences in the number of sports and events offered by one and the other – if you are interested in the most important and popular events, you will find them in any Peruvian betting operator – perhaps you should take a closer look at the number of markets offered.

It is not the same a bookmaker that in every event allows you to bet on 1X2 and four other things, than a bookmaker that in every event allows you to bet on literally dozens and dozens of different issues. Using soccer as an example, in the most complete bookmakers you can bet on goals, scorers, cards, corner kicks, minutes in which goals are scored, score at halftime and the end, if both teams score or not and, as we said, dozens of other markets.

Live betting and streaming

Within the bets there are two types: those that are made before the event takes place and those that are made live, while the event is taking place. We must make sure that the bookmaker we will use allows live betting. Not only that, we should make sure that live events offer us statistics and information on how the event is developing.

What all Peruvian bookmakers no longer have is live and streaming broadcasting of some of the events that you can bet on, and that is another thing that should be valued, because watching a live match gives a lot of information that will help us to place our bets with the best possible knowledge of the facts.

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And in this age in which we all carry a computer in our pocket, it is also important to know if the bookmaker we are interested in has an app that we can install on our mobile device or not, and if with this application we can perform the same functions that can be performed from the web. Although it must be said that, with today’s technology, almost all bookmakers that do not have an app do have a responsive website, that is to say that it adapts to any cell phone or tablet we use.


This is another important issue: the odds. But, as it happens with bookmakers in general, there is no bookmaker that offers the best odds always and in all events. In this case you should spend a little time researching and comparing odds between the operators you are hesitating between or go to specialized sites that are dedicated to just that. But, we insist, you will not find an absolute winner in each and every event and market.

Other services

Most bookmakers that offer sports betting also have, more or less extensively, a casino section. It may be that you are only interested in sports betting, that you are interested in casino games for occasional use, or that you give the same importance to sports betting as to casino games. Depending on your case, you will have to evaluate if the casino offer is enough for you or not, and add it to the list of factors to consider when choosing your bookmaker.

Payment and withdrawal methods

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Another factor to consider is the payment and withdrawal methods offered by Peruvian operators. In general, you will not have any problem with the deposit methods, as they are usually wide and varied. But you have to be careful because some bookmakers do not have the same systems for deposit and withdrawal, where you can find less methods and more difficulties to do it. We recommend that you take a good look at this issue and, in the event that the operator does not provide information about it, go to the contact methods and ask directly to avoid problems and misunderstandings.

Customer service

Another topic to look at. You can find bookmakers that only offer you an e-mail address, or even not at all, or you can find other bookmakers that offer you 24/7 live chat, 24/7 toll free phone, e-mail with guaranteed response within hours and more contact methods. There are also other customer facilities that should be considered, such as betting tutorials, statistics and other information designed to help the bettor.

Commitment to responsible gambling

Finally, the commitment to responsible gambling and anti-addiction should also be taken into account. Although all have by law to warn of the risk of gambling, there are some that have it there as hidden and others that offer a more complete service: from information to play responsibly, to links to help pages if you think you are developing a problem, through options such as limiting the amount of money or time you spend gambling.