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The online betting market in Colombia is booming and there is a growing offer of games and sports bets. Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose one or the other option. In this analysis we will try to help you decide with which of the bookmakers in Colombia you can place your sports bets if you are going to enter this world for the first time or if, for whatever reason, you have decided to change your bookmaker. In our opinion, these are the best betting operators that can currently be found in Colombia.


Sportium is not only one of the biggest bookmakers you can find in Colombia, but also one of the biggest worldwide. In Sportium you will find a great offer in sports betting to bet both live and previously, and in each of the events you will find an infinite number of markets (different types of bets) to bet on.

In addition, in Sportium you can follow countless live and streaming events and you have an app from which you can place your bets from any mobile device, whether it uses Android or iOS system. The odds in Sportium are a bit irregular: you can find events with slightly low odds and you can find events that are the best paid in the market. Although it must be said that the most important events are usually in the latter group. You also have a casino section which, although not very extensive, is more than enough if you want it to be a complement to your sports bets.

As for your welcome offer, which is not the best in the Colombian market, Sportium offers 100% of your first deposit up to a maximum of $20.000 to use for betting. Remember that you must be of legal age and comply with a series of terms and conditions, both general and specific to the bonus. There are some other promotions in Sportium when you are already a user, but it is not the bookmaker that has more offer in that aspect.


The national bookmaker Zamba may not have the name of other major global brands but it is a great operator with which to consider placing our bets in Colombia. Zamba’s website is visually appealing, neat and very easy and intuitive to use. Their sports betting offer is unbeatable and differentiates very well between pre-match bets and live bets, besides offering complete statistics of the events they offer.

Apart from the normal odds, which are among the best that can be found in Colombia, it also offers Super Odds on certain events and where, as the name suggests, you can find exceptional odds. Zamba also has an excellent casino section where you will find a wide selection of roulette, blackjack, poker, video bingo and live casino. Zamba also has its own app, which you can download for both Android and iOS and that you can use on any cell phone and any tablet.

Zamba’s welcome bonus – which you will only be eligible for if you are over 18 and meet the terms and conditions – is 50% of the first deposit and goes up to a maximum of $100.000. Zamba also offers various promotions that you can take advantage of once you are already a user.


Codere is another of the classic bookmakers and is present in many countries in addition to Colombia. This operator, which has been in the country since the mid-eighties of the last century, offers a good range of sports bets, both live and pre-match, and in all types of markets. You also have the Codere App, which, both in Android and iOS version, will allow you to perform from your mobile or tablet the same functions that you can perform from the Codere website.

Codere’s odds are quite competitive, although they are almost never among the lowest but not among the highest either. As far as the welcome bonus is concerned, Codere offers a bonus divided in three parts that can reach up to $200.000: 100% of the first deposit up to $100.000 + 50% of the second deposit up to $50.000 + 50% of the third deposit up to $50.000. It goes without saying that in order to use the bonus you must be of legal age and comply with the terms and conditions. If you choose Codere, you will also have a good variety of promotions to take advantage of once you are already a user. All of them, of course, are in parlay or multiple bets.


Yajuego is, for the moment, the last operator to be added to the online betting market in Colombia, specifically in 2019. And, like Zamba, it is a 100% Colombian bookmaker. On the Yajuego website you will find a large number of sports and events to bet on, including e-Sports, and a lot of markets in each of the events.

Of course, you will be able to bet both before the events take place and while they are happening, live. Given the youth of the project, Yajuego does not currently have a specific application to install on mobile devices, but the website is responsive, i.e. it adapts to any type of phone or tablet. It could be said that the odds at Yajuego are in the average of the odds offered at the rest of the Colombian bookmakers.

We will not find very low or very high odds, which, looking at the medium-long term, can be something positive because of its stability. Yajuego’s welcome offer goes up to $200.000, with 100% of your first deposit if you are of legal age and meet the terms and conditions. You also have if you become a new user some other offers for both sports betting and casino, although the amount is not excessive.


Another of the transatlantic players present in the Colombian market is Luckia, whose offer in both sports betting and casino games is practically endless. There are hundreds of daily sports events that you can find in Luckia to bet on, both in the preview of the events as well as live betting. The amount of existing markets in each of the events is also wide and varied, so we find ourselves with literally thousands of bets to place every day.

But, being this important, perhaps the strong point of Luckia are its odds, generally above average and in many occasions offering the best of them. Although Luckia is an important bookmaker in many countries, its arrival in the Colombian market is quite recent and, as is the case with Yajuego, it does not have a specific app for Colombian users at the moment. Although it is not something to worry about since, in addition to the fact that the application will arrive sooner rather than later, Luckia’s current website is absolutely responsive, as is the case with Yajuego’s.

Luckia’s welcome bonus consists, like Codere’s, of three parts, only in this case it only amounts to $100.000. It works like this: 100% of the first deposit up to $50.000 + 50% of the second deposit up to $25.000 + 25% of the third deposit up to $25.000. Luckia also offers its users several specific promotions that are constantly updated and to which you should be aware of.


Rushbet Colombia is another good option in the country to place your sports or casino bets. As for sports betting, the offer is wide and varied, both in sports and in events and markets, and both to bet before the events and to do it live while they are taking place. Rushbet’s odds are somewhat irregular. We could say that, in general, they are in the Colombian average, and even a little above, but what we can detect is that there are events or markets in which the odds are really excellent, even the best, and there are other cases in which the odds are somewhat poor.

Rushbet is another operator that currently has not yet presented its specific app for Colombia. Although, as in the rest of cases, Rushbet’s website is perfectly adapted to work normally on any type of mobile device. As for the welcome offer to new users, Rushbet’s is one of the lowest, with 100% of the first deposit up to a maximum of $20.000 to use in future sports bets. As far as other promotions are concerned, perhaps the highlight is their ‘Loyalty Program’, which gives you a number of points for every bet you place, which you can then redeem for new bets.


Aquijuego is an operator that wants to gain a foothold in the growing Colombian market of betting, both sports and casino. Despite not having a great trajectory, the amount of sports and events offered by Aquijuego is considerable, as well as the large number of markets it has. Of course you can place your pre-match or live bets. Neither does Aquijuego have its own app, but its website, which has an attractive design, adapts without any problem to any mobile or tablet thanks to its responsive technology.

Aquijuego’s odds do not stand out for anything special, they are simply in the average. You will not find perhaps excellent odds but neither very low odds, which, in the end, avoids surprises. Likewise, the welcome bonus is not one of the worst but it is not one of the best either: they offer you 100% of your first deposit up to a maximum of $40.000 for you to use to place other bets. Aquijuego does have several promotions for existing users in both sports and casino, and in this case more than many of its competitors.


And we finish this review of the best Colombian bookmakers with Betfair, another of the big operators worldwide that has chosen Colombia as a market to take into account. As it could not be otherwise, Betfair’s offer in sports betting and casino games is innumerable. You can bet in advance of the events or you can bet live, following the stats they give you in real time.

The variety of markets is also very wide, reaching hundreds of them in the most important events. One of the important shortcomings of Betfair in Colombia is the lack of an app, but, as it usually happens in cases where the same thing happens, the Betfair website is perfectly adapted through responsive technology and you can use it on any device you use.

As far as the odds offered by Betfair are concerned, they are a bit above average, with no big surprises either above or below. Betfair’s welcome bonus is neither the highest nor the lowest: it offers 100% of your first deposit up to a maximum amount of $50.000. Betfair also has different promotions for existing users, among which stands out an accumulator bonus for multiple bets, with up to 30% return of the bet placed.