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There are already a large number of betting operators that have been installed in Peru, which is a good thing because the more betting offers, the more possibilities there are to choose from. But, precisely, the more offers, the more difficult the choice becomes.

The following are what we consider to be the five best bookmakers in Peru and what each one of them has to offer.


Betsson is one of the most important bookmakers in the world and the first of them to settle in Peru many years ago. This giant of Swedish origin offers a great service in the Peruvian market.

Starting with its offer in sports betting, where both the number of sports, events or markets (different types of bets) is undoubtedly among the best in the market. Of course, you can bet in advance of events or live as they happen.

Betsson also offers you an app that you can download for both Android and iOS and that you can use on any mobile device. But if you don’t want to do that, it won’t matter because the Betsson website is perfectly adapted to any cell phone or tablet.

Betsson’s odds are quite competitive, above average, and regular, so in that sense you should not worry about choosing Betsson as your bookmaker in Peru.

Finally, Betsson Peru’s welcome offer consists of two parts: a welcome bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to a maximum of S/300, and a free bet of S/150 when you make your second deposit.

Betsson also has different promotions that you can take advantage of once you register and become a user. Remember that, in the welcome bonus as in the rest, and as with all bookmakers, you must be of legal age and comply with a series of terms and conditions.


Another of the world giants installed in Peru is Betfair, and it is another bookmaker with a great offer for the Peruvian user.

Its offer in sports betting, for example, is very numerous and practically incomprehensible, and you will be able to find from the most important sports and events at a planetary level to minority events of sports that are not so often followed. Obviously, you will be able to place your pre-match or live bets while they are taking place.

At Betfair the odds are about average for Peruvian bookmakers. You might find some really good odds, but in general they have a pretty standard and regular price.

And in Betfair they have not been satisfied with just offering an app to their users, so they have two. One, that of Sportbook, with which you will be able to place your normal sports bets, and the other one, Exchange, which is designed for cross betting. In both cases you can download them on the AppStore in the case of using iOS and on GooglePlay in the case of using Android.

As for the Betfair welcome bonus, it reaches S/400, but it must be said that the system they use is somewhat complicated and has to be unlocked in tranches and fulfilling a series of requirements. In case you are interested in becoming a Betfair user, we recommend you to read carefully how the bonus works before making a final decision.

One shortcoming of Betfair is that it does not have other promotions specific to the Peruvian market, as its other bonuses are available in the global market and cannot be accessed from Peru. Hopefully this is an issue that will be solved soon.


Inkabet is another of the bookmakers in the country to consider when placing your sports bets, and in this case we are talking about a bookmaker designed exclusively for Peru.

In addition to its great offer in sports betting, both live and in advance, we must also add its offer in casino games, also very extensive.

As far as sports are concerned, the offer is very wide but, most importantly, it is adapted to the Peruvian public. That is, it is not a foreign page simply transferred to a Peruvian domain, but it is adapted to the Peruvian user, his preferences and tastes.

In addition, it offers Inkabet TV as a service, from where you can follow live and in real time streaming some of the events you can bet on.

Inkabet’s website is perfectly adapted to any mobile device, but even so it has an app that you can download whether your device is Android as if it is iOS. The latter can be downloaded normally from the Mac AppStore, but the Android version should be downloaded directly from the Inkabet website.

As for the odds, those of Inkabet are perhaps a little below average. You can find good odds on specific events or markets, but in general it would not be the strongest point of this Peruvian bookmaker.

Because perhaps the strongest point is Inkabet’s welcome bonus, the best among the bookmakers in Peru. To start with, they give you S/10 for bets just for registering. Next comes the welcome bonus itself, which consists of two parts: 100% of the first deposit up to a maximum of S/800 + 50% of the second deposit up to S/400.

Good also its offer in promotions for existing users.


retabet peru

The main feature of Retabet is that, for the Peruvian market, it has decided to focus only on sports betting and to leave, for the time being, the casino section that it has on its European websites aside.

Retabet is perhaps not the one that offers the most sports -although it has almost thirty, which is not negligible- but on the other hand it has made the effort to adapt its offer to Peruvian tastes. You can bet live or in advance of events and you will find numerous markets to bet on in both cases.

One of the strengths of Retabet are its odds, which if they are not the best that can be found in the Peruvian market are there competing with the best ones. Especially in the most important and popular events and in the pre-match betting, Retabet odds are usually excellent.

Retabet has an app available for its users, although for the moment only in Android version. In any case, Retabet’s web site is responsive and you will have no problem in that aspect no matter what device you use.

Retabet’s welcome bonus consists of two parts. There is also, as in Inkabet, an amount just for registration, in this case of S/20 to use on a single bet. The bonus itself is a risk-free bet of up to S/400. You make your first deposit and you make a maximum bet of S/400. If you win, then fantastic, and if you lose, Retabet will pay you what you have bet so that you can use it for new bets.


1xbet peru

1Xbet is another operator that is present in dozens of countries, including Peru.

Let’s start with 1Xbet’s strongest point: its odds. The best in Peru? Probably. In any case, what is clear is that they are excellent, both on live bets and on bets placed prior to the events.

Otherwise, the sports betting offer is wide and varied, ranging from the most important sports and events to more minor events. A wide variety of markets to bet on is also available.

Another of the services offered by this operator is the 1Xbet TV, retransmissions on the Internet streaming of some of the events you can bet on, which is a great help to place your live bets.

And 1Xbet has an app available for its users to download on mobile devices, but it is the only bookmaker in Peru that, in addition to having the Android and iOS version, also offers a version for Windows Phone. You can download them from the usual places, but also from 1Xbet’s own website.

As a welcome offer, 1Xbet offers 100% of the first deposit up to a maximum of S/370 and is one of the bookmakers that offers more promotions to existing users.

Other bookmakers in Peru

We have detailed what, for us, are the five best bookmakers in Peru, but you should not forget that there are many others, among which there are very important ones and that are not far away in quality from the ones we have mentioned.

You should also take into account operators such as Bet365, Solbet, Rivalo, Dafabet, Pinnacle, Betsafe, 888Sport, Leovegas, Teapuesto, Bodog or Doradobet when choosing the bookmaker with which to operate. There is no absolute truth and they all have their strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to decide which one suits you best.