Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Who is the favorite to win La Liga?

Although both Real Madrid and Barcelona have arrived at the clásico very evenly matched (with a slight advantage for the Culés), the fact is that both the result and the image that the blaugrana club left at the Bernabéu, losing 3-1 to Real Madrid, have turned the tables on who may be the favorite to win the league.

Basically because the white club is still unbeaten after 9 rounds and, although there is still a lot to play, the truth is that Madrid has added quite a few points to its credibility after this match.

To solve this doubt we will briefly analyze who is the favorite team to win La Liga, although we can already tell you that the result is not very conclusive. The pace that Barcelona has shown in LaLiga is different from the one shown in Champions League, so their comeback in the league is still possible, if you want to try your luck trying to guess the result you can enter a sports betting house, or outside the sport you can have fun in one of the online casinos with Trustly existing in the market.

From an even start to a small spread

When the league started, both the media and the main bookmakers gave Real Madrid and Barcelona equal chances to win the league title. In this regard, it is true that the white club arrived with a more compact block and the titles won in the previous year, against a Barcelona that pulled market and levers to try to offer his coach what he needed to be competitive.

During the first few rounds these sensations were maintained, almost as much as the equality with which both teams arrived at the Spanish league clasico. However, the result of the match and especially the image that Barcelona left at the Bernabeu have made these forecasts turn slightly in favor of the Madrid club.

As proof, the market consensus gives a slight betting edge to Real Madrid, whose La Liga victory pays 1.83, compared to Barcelona’s title win, which pays 2.15.

Squads and sensations

One of the factors that is likely to decide this league is the depth of the squads of the two main contenders for the title. An aspect in which Real Madrid has an advantage, given that it has a very compact and well-established squad. In addition, their defensive problems are being solved in recent matches. Just the opposite happens to Barcelona, whose squad is shorter and that in the last few days is leaving a better sensations.

To all this must be added the length of the league championship, to which must be added the European competitions that both clubs have to play in. To top it all off, starting in November we will have the World Cup in Qatar, with the threat of the FIFA virus and the arrival of injured or over-matched players. Something that Madrid could manage in a more efficient way because of their squad depth, but that may become a handicap for Barcelona to win La Liga. We will see how the championship evolves in any case. By the way, to enjoy this World Cup, nothing better than equipping your home with the best entertainment technology.