Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

How to convert your home into a home office

The home office mode is here to stay and many people are happy to do their work from the comfort of their home, however there are still those who do not know how to separate rest from responsibilities and are involved in a vicious circle that prevents proper rest.

For a home office to be considered as such, it must take place in a home environment where the only activity is work. It happened, during the pandemic, that many people changed rooms to work and not get bored, or those who lived with other people decided to make the change so as not to disturb their roommates.

However, time passed and these modes had to evolve because it is not comfortable to work every day in a different place, especially if the materials have to be moved with you. For this reason, experts recommend selecting a specific place in the house and setting it for this type of activities.

What materials are necessary to work with?

Most people choose to work with headphones because they create a microclimate that enhances concentration and allows you to connect with your obligations. Its use is also linked to the possibility of making video calls with other members of the company without disturbing noises that impede listening.

In many offices began to use two monitors, action that was extended to the homeoffice, because it allows to work in an easy way and streamline tasks. These come in various sizes and only a desk is needed for their arrangement, as they do not take up too much space.

If workers wanted to look for different types of headphones, Peru has electronics houses or virtual pages where the most comfortable ones are offered for each person. The wireless ones are the last ones to come on the market, but their two previous models, the ones with cables and the ones with headband, are still in high demand.

People who have to work in a household with more people choose the most professional in thematic headphones, price without limit, since they must have a surround sound without disturbance or noise coming from their own space.

In terms of desk layout, there are PC monitors 27-inch models that do not take up too much space on tables or desks and allow a higher quality of work. It is always necessary to prioritize comfort so that obligations do not become difficult to fulfill.

Another size of PC monitor is the even smaller 24-inch size, which is just as comfortable since it resembles the size of most notebooks, and allows double vision even in a small space, for those who do not have a large desk.

What is the best home environment to work in?

Every home is different and people know where they feel most comfortable working. The dimensions for this preliminary analysis are directly related to sound, space, light, temperature, distances, etc. It is necessary that the room or space where you work meets certain comfort requirements.

The light is the most important thing at the moment of working, to fulfill the labor obligations in an illuminated environment will make that this does not become tedious and that people develop with more energy. Sunlight provides vitamin D but also reduces the production of melatonin, the hormone that produces sleep.

So, we could say that sunlight reduces the desire to sleep, increases the good mood and mainly produces heat. In seasons with lower climates, it is recommended to work at least a few hours in the sun to prevent the body, which is usually still for those activities that depend on a computer, from becoming unrefreshed.

The bedroom is not recommended as a place to work because that is where you rest, and it is very difficult to make this place a place to sleep if all day long you have obligations or work activities. If a list were to be made, this place would be crossed out.
Many homes have rooms that are used as libraries, game rooms or simply to store unused objects. This opportunity is ideal to organize it and consider the idea of setting up an office there.

These shared-use rooms can function as a workspace during the day and at night and weekends as something else. It is an easily adaptable system that works in a number of homes where there is no room that specifically functions as an office.

During the summer, the options tend to be more relaxed, as many choose to work in the garden, to enjoy the scenery and take a dip, those who have a pool, and to rest for a few minutes from the responsibilities. As the summer is short, it is possible to set up a space that works temporarily for a few months and then adapt the permanent office in another space of the house.

How to work from home without getting distracted?

Distractions are not always generated in noisy or crowded spaces, sometimes it happens when someone is not comfortable with the place they chose to work. In that case, it is always possible to change location until you find one that meets the requirements and where people feel they can live with the obligations for more than four hours.

Although it is necessary to take a break from the screens every few minutes, working from a pleasant place is a plus if we consider that many people have to travel to do it, which takes away hours that could be invested in other activities. For this reason, working from home is always better, as long as the environment is conducive to it.

Finally, not always the first place that is chosen will be the definitive one, a worker may discover places in his own home that he did not consider optimal to carry out his activities but that later on worked. It is just a matter of looking for comfort in each place, and making that space your own.