Sat. May 25th, 2024

Mid-range and high-end cell phones for all tastes

Cell phones are a part of everyday life in the cities. Appealing to the different ways they provide, from taking a selfie, sharing a file document or sending a voice message, these are actions that are performed daily all over the planet and are already part of the routine without distinction of age or generation.

Whether on public transport or in the streets, it is possible to recognize oneself from the way in which this link between individuals and their digital extension is crystallized. Practically, today’s life is also what its counterpart offers from what is recorded or transmitted through cellular telephony.

Thus, with different criteria, based on the operation sought, the market includes a wide repertoire of devices that meet the needs and tastes of each user. Along with this, the resources and the experience that is having with the service, configures the profiles that find in home product a mold to offer their particular characteristics.


In this sense, by defining a high-end, it is intended to describe cell phones that are a step above the rest in terms of price and quality. Thus, the high-end cell phones represent a compelling choice if you are looking for a device with autonomy and long-range endurance.

In this way, Samsung, which already has proven experience in the creation of white goods, maintains the intensity of its human and material resources at the service of cellular telephony.

Galaxy Nearby

Thus, with the Galaxy model as a workhorse, their presence in the market can no longer be overlooked and they are good examples of Cheap high end cell phones. This means that having a standard phone is not an unattainable act and represents the possibility of having a useful tool to perform countless actions.

Within the Galaxy A series, the A03, A12, A32 or A72 models stand out for the sharpness of their screen, their elegance and their large memory capacity, at values ranging between 400 and 1000 Soles.

One step above the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series models are more expensive and have a better camera precision and high processing speed. Among the outstanding offer of this type of cell phones, there is the Galaxy S10 at 1449 Soles, with Octa Core processor core and resistant to water splashes.

Mid-range – high

Among the Upper mid-range cell phones, Huawei brand phones stand out above the rest. Offering models that arise from the constant needs of their users, today the Y9P or the Nova 8i, at an offered value of 899 Soles, with their outstanding cameras and sensors, represent outstanding choices.

Also, the purchase of the device can be complemented with accessories, such as tripods, to have the scene ready at the moment of portraying a landscape or a family image.

Legendary since its emergence in 1928, another brand that serves to characterize this type of range is Motorola. With models of the Moto series such as the G30, with an outstanding processor and reduced charging time, at 1099 Soles; or the Edge 20 Lite, at a bargain price of 1799 Soles, this American company does not disappoint those who choose to purchase its products.

The distinctive apple

From the same country, the Apple company used for one of its latest launches the slogan: “Conquers by its power”. Conquest by its price”. These eight simple words pretty much sum up the spirit of all their products iPhone cell phones, from the most modern to the most classic and installed.

Undoubtedly, since its launch in 2007, each of the innovations offered for the smartphones of the company created by Steve Jobs, symbolizes an object of distinction that strengthens the bonds of community among its users around the world.

Faithful to the innovative spirit of the apple company, the Apple cell phone privileges, in all its range, a very user-friendly design with a very high processing speed. It is easy to migrate from other operating systems such as Android to enjoy the features of this firm based on privacy, integration, durability and performance with camera lenses that allow to immortalize in a very faithful way the most desired moments.

It is possible to find Apple cell phone price Peru in a range of different values. From refurbished devices at values between 1100 and 1400 Soles, to models that reach 5600 Soles in gold and silver colors. The iPhone 13 Pro Max Gold has a lithium-ion battery, making it one of the most expensive and refined products in the market.

  • IPhone11

More accessible and equal in satisfying its users, in the whole line, the most outstanding products are the IPhone 11 cell phones, launched in 2019, in its white, black, green, yellow and purple color variants.

In addition to having an annual warranty and memory of 64 GB and 128 GB, the IPhone 11 has a whole series of specifications that make it unique as its weight of 194 g and a 6.1-inch screen with rounded corners, very pleasant to the touch.

Above all, as the main innovation it incorporates a secondary camera on the back, i.e. a system of two 12MP cameras with ultra wide-angle and wide-angle lenses, six effects for its portrait lighting, an autonomy of 17 hours for video playback and 65 hours for audio.

All these qualities covered by the IOS operating system can be found in a price range from 2100 to 4000 Soles.

Knowing some of these options, it remains to define what type of cell phone is the one that best suits your budget and the intentions with which you want to carry your cell phone in the city. For every day and every moment.