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The technological wonder of cell phones

From their appearance to date, cell phones have evolved at a dizzying pace. Always taking into account the needs of users, they have been changing their physical appearance and adding functions, to such an extent that today those first “bricks” are unrecognizable to us.

Just when we thought we had it all figured out and that nothing could surprise us anymore, along came the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and it blew us away. We are already in the presence of the first folding cell phones. Yes, phones that fold and unfold, something unimaginable until not so long ago.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: innovative and surprising

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a model that was introduced with the Galaxy S20 line and pleasantly surprised due to its size and functions. In cream, green, purple, violet, lavender, gray or black; this incredible technological marvel weighs approximately 190 grams, has a fingerprint reader on one side and can be used both unfolded and closed.

Its handling is simple, like any phone with Android system and its connectivity to WIFI, micro USB port, GPS, NFC, radio, Bluetooth, and different sensors, is optimal.

When we use it open, it has a 6.7-inch Full HD screen and if it is closed it has a 1.1-inch super Amoled screen to receive notifications. In both functions, you can, for example, enjoy a video and open the device to view it larger.

Calls can also be made with the phone open or closed. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Peru The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 offers us a wide catalog with the new cell phones of this fantastic line.

Open and close with ease

The cell phone screen Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 y Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, is called dynamic Amoled: it has good brightness, excellent sharpness and is made with a polymer-based material in thin layers that allow bending without breaking the device. The only thing that “breaks” its uniformity is a fold in the central part.

The fact that these cell phones Samsung Galaxy Z Flip price The fact that the device is equipped with a hinge that moves symmetrically, so that the closing and opening movements can be as natural as possible.

Sharp images with true-to-life colors

The camera and video system is another of the wonders with which this line of Samsung cell phones surprises us. The main camera is dual; it has two 12-megapixel lenses, while the selfie camera is 10 megapixels.

Both have flash and allow us to capture images with excellent resolution.

A comfortable and fast keyboard

The keyboard is divided into two parts, separating the keys on either side of the screen. This mode allows you to type at high speed and work with several applications at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

More compact than its predecessor, this one is called Samsung cell phone The new smartphone is presented in more timeless and modern colors. It also has a larger battery and a faster processor.

Due to its design, it is ideal for self-portraits and video calls. It can be carried in a wallet, a coat pocket or a tight-fitting jean pocket without any inconvenience. The hardness of its materials makes it resistant to scratches, scratches, falls and blows.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Time magazine described it as one of the most outstanding inventions of the year 2021. Foldable and small, it fits almost anywhere. Designed with top of the line and durable materials, when opened we find a 5G Smartphone, which offers us, among other things, a full camera and adaptable to the angle of our choice.

It is important to be aware of the Samsung cell phone prices, as you can get real advantages taking into account the relationship with the product of excellence that we are going to acquire.

Cell phones: always moving forward

Hand in hand with technology, the design of cell phones and their functions have evolved from almost 40 years ago to the present day. Nothing is left of those first devices that surprised us and began to make our daily lives easier.

Over time, they became slimmer and slimmer, turning into sheets of glass and real pocket computers. At this point, being able to talk from our cell phones is just one more function of our cell phones.

Born in the 1980s, the first cell phones that were used were cumbersome and heavy. Their battery also lasted a very short time, about an hour. The big changes occurred in the 90s, when they became popular and began to reduce their size considerably, but still using the antennas.

Already in the new century, technology continued to grow and allowed us to start sending text messages. The transmission networks were also updated with great improvements. The size of the devices continued to shrink, with some devices incorporating small cameras on the back.

In the mid-2000s, the first smartphones appeared and caused a true communication revolution.

In terms of external appearance, there was a more than significant change. The smaller device is no longer more complete. The sizes were stabilized for a better image and the size of the screens was increased.

Today it seems impossible to talk about a cell phone that had no memory and no caller ID. As impossible as everyday life would be without them.

Samsung, always one step ahead

The Samsung company was founded in the year 1938 in South Korea. It is one of the most recognized and awarded names in technology. Always at the forefront, it has launched its first line of Samsung cell phones In 1988 and since then, it has not stopped innovating until surprising us with the fabulous Samsung Galaxy Z Flip; passing through the creation of the first smartphone of the Galaxy line in 2009.

Talk about a Samsung cell phone, is undoubtedly to speak of excellence. If what we want is a top-notch and good-performing device, let’s not forget that Samsung cell phones The company is waiting for us to offer models ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and at the most convenient price.

For all tastes

There is a great variety of Samsung phones available in the market. The Samsung cell phones prices in Peru are incredibly convenient, as dazzling as the devices they offer us.

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