Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Messi’s exit. Latest news about his future.

A few days ago, the sports media jumped with the news that left everyone surprised, the departure of Messi from Barcelona. The media echoed the news that Messi, the greatest player in Barcelona’s history, had informed the club of his intention to leave the club.

The news of Messi’s departure left the soccer world in shock, as it could not be less. The FC Barcelona icon would put an end to a cycle of more than 15 years of great success. The real causes of this historic event are still unknown, but everything points to a disagreement between the player and the board.

The player has repeatedly communicated that the economic issue is secondary for him. For Leo, the priority is an ambitious sporting project that aims to win as many titles as possible. And this is precisely what has been missing at Can Barça. Many put the starting point in Neymar’s departure. Since then, the club has forged numerous failures, especially in the flagship competition, the Champions League.

Reasons for the disagreement over Messi’s departure

With the departure of the Brazilian star, Barcelona lost potential and was unable to make up for the loss of Neymar. Not even with millionaire signings such as Coutinho, Dembélé or Griezmann, who did not fit in the blaugrana forward line.

Many people say that Messi is the owner and master of the locker room, even the one in charge of making the line-ups in important matches. Some hoaxes that are usually denied by the player’s entourage.

Another reason that calls to the disagreement between Messi and Bartomeu, is the smear campaign that is speculated that the president commanded. The only aim was to tarnish the image of the players and point the finger of blame at them for the current situation.

There is even speculation that this could be a strategy by Messi as a pressure measure to put an end to Bartomeu’s tenure.

The arrival of Koeman has also played an important role in this decision. The new Barça coach told Luis Suárez that he did not count on him and the way in which this meeting took place could have influenced Messi’s decision. The Uruguayan and the Argentine have shown on more than one occasion to have a great relationship of friendship.

What will Messi’s fate be?

It is not yet clear whether he will leave the club or not. According to the news, the player has shown his desire to leave the club but the board is not willing to let him go. And much less for free or for a lowball offer.

Guardiola’s City

The best placed seems to be the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola, the coach who managed to get the most out of Messi and with whom he managed to win all the titles. In addition to the similarities in the game with Barcelona, City seems to be one of the only clubs with economic possibilities to incorporate the soccer god.

Another factor to take into account is that one of his best friends, Kun Agüero, plays there. Both have always shown their desire to share a club one day and it seems to be the perfect time for this meeting.


Minguella, who already predicted Neymar’s departure, claims that Conte’s Inter will be Messi’s destination. First, because of the tax factor, since players pay less tax in Italy. And secondly, because Cristiano Ronaldo plays there and can be another motivation for Messi. Let us remember that the best years of these came by the war that goals they had game after game.

PSG, with Neymar

This is an unlikely option as the financial fair-play would not allow the inclusion of another player with such a high salary as Messi. At the Parisian club, Neymar and Mbappé top the list of the best paid players and this would limit the possibility of bringing in a third player.

However, we already know about the economic power of PSG and Sheikh Al Khelaifi.

He will stay at Barça

Other options are that Messi will finally stay in his team. This is an option that invites optimism among Barça members and fans who cannot assimilate Messi’s departure.

Messi’s clause

There is also much talk about Leo Messi’s contract. His termination clause is 700 million, although in his contract, he has signed that he can leave the club when he decides as long as it occurs in time, that is to say on June 10, just at the end of the regular season. This season, we already know that he had a delay because of the pandemic and this is what Barcelona is discussing. It requires him to pay his clause or reach an agreement with any club.

Messi’s exit news

In our social networks we will tell you all the details about Messi’s departure. For the moment, we will have to wait. Messi is currently staying in a hotel in Barcelona, waiting for an official statement from Barcelona’s board.

Everything seems to indicate that the end of Messi’s and Barcelona’s cycle has come to an end and that the player will leave this season the club that has seen him grow and triumph.

From Scannerbet, we hope that the matter is clarified and that Messi continues to triumph and give us his magic. Whether it is Barcelona or any other club. If he definitely leaves the blaugrana club, we hope that his farewell will be at the height of what he is, the best player in the history of soccer for many people.