Fri. Apr 19th, 2024


The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, headed by Alberto Garzón, has presented its final proposal for the new law that will regulate online gambling in Spain”.

This law, to which the Spanish bookmakers will have to abide, has some variations with respect to the one presented in February and will be even more restrictive than the previous one. The ministry argues these changes in the demand “from civil society, institutions and political groups”“In the last decade, many bookmakers have merged to form a new law, which will have to be complied with.

“The social warning -explain from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs- ” The social warning about the dangers of misuse of gambling and excessive advertising has generated an important consensus on this issue. Almost all political options and almost all parliamentary groups have expressed concern about the issue.”. They also add that “The state of alarm has highlighted the risk involved in overexposure to gambling advertising through the media and the internet”.

Thus, the highlights of the law that Garzón’s ministry intends to bring forward would be the following:

-Advertising only in the early hours of the morning.

From the entry into force of the law, bookmakers in Spain and other operators will only be allowed to advertise in the media from 1am to 5am. This is perhaps the point on which the text has been tightened the most, since the draft presented in February allowed advertising from 8 p.m. onwards.

-Sponsorship ban.

In addition, bookmakers will also not be allowed to include advertising on the kits of sports teams and will not be allowed to sponsor or name – or include their name – on sports facilities or competitions.

-No celebrities.

The use of celebrities and well-known people, especially sportsmen and women, to advertise betting and online gambling will also no longer be allowed, and repetitive and repetitive messages that encourage gambling will also be banned.

-The end of bonuses.

The last of the new features is the banning of the hitherto customary welcome bonuses. Likewise, existing user loyalty bonuses will also be abolished.