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What are ‘surebets’ or sure sports bets?

Many of you may be wondering what surebets are. There are a lot of bookmakers online and among them, we can see a lot of competition. Therefore, we can enjoy the phenomenon of surebets. We can say that a bet is safe if we can make a payout on all possible outcomes while making a profit. This type of betting is also called arbitrage betting or arbitrage betting.

That is something taken from the stock and retail markets. In this case, arbitrage is the action in which you buy an asset in one market and sell it in another for a higher price. The difference between the buy price and the sell price will give you the opportunity to make profit.

Sometimes, conditions may allow you to place a bet on each outcome with different betting companies. Like this one, the bettor can make a profit regardless of the outcome. How do you use this concept along with soccer predictions to make money in the betting industry? In this publication, you will find everything you need to know about surebets and betting arbitrage.

What are arbitrage bets?

It is not a difficult job to figure out what arbitrage bets are, but you will have to spend some time to understand it. In arbitrage betting, you must cover all the results of a sporting event and make a profit regardless of the outcome. But this is only a possibility because each bookmaker has different opinions on the probability of an event. However, betting exchanges allowed us to bet against the outcome and thus facilitate arbitrage for the masses.

For example, on one betting site, you will place a bet at a high price and, against that outcome, you will place another bet on a different site at a lower price. For the most part, we can say that these bets guarantee a profit, and we will often call them surebets. This name is especially popular all over Europe.

Before you decide to place a surebet, keep in mind that for this part of the betting you will need to have a higher level of knowledge than the average bettor. But do not be afraid, this is possible to learn very fast.

What is arb?

This term is used to describe an arbitrage bet, specifically in the perspective of matched betting. However, if you are a fan of matched betting, you should never look for arb, because that is bad for your health. And you will get your gub very quickly.

At the moment when the back odds are higher at the bookmaker than the placement odds at the exchange, we can say that we have arb. Most of the odds comparison tools will show us this part in red.

What profit can you make with surebets?

Arbitrage is good for everyone who wants to make constant and steady profits. But don’t think you will get rich quickly. Many times you will have the opportunity to get a profit that can be more than 5%. Arbitrage is a good solution to make a lot of bets with smaller winnings, instead of trying to win a large amount of money, as many players want to do.

The good thing about surebets is the fact that you can place several bets per day. However, your profit will depend on your bankroll, the size of the arbs, the amount of bets you place and many other things.

Most people will start with $500 in their bank account, and in a month, this profit should be at least a few hundred dollars. But this is an average number and it doesn’t have to be accurate for you.

Before you start, you will need to create a betting account at as many bookmakers as possible. In the market, you can find many arbitrage opportunities, but it is important to have an account with a relevant bookmaker. Only then, you can bet on the opportunity you found. Good arguments can disappear quickly and, for that reason, you shouldn’t waste your time on the record.

Bushes come and go very fast

If the bookmaker realizes that you did not react quickly enough on the odds, they will change them. Sometimes they may change them if they are trying to balance their book after the bets cost a lot of money. The main key to a successful arbitrage strategy is to react in time when the opportunity presents itself.

How to arbitrage by swapping bets

It is very easy to find arbs, but first, let’s take a look at how the winnings are generated. Undoubtedly, the easiest and most common form of arbitrage is to bet in a bookmaker and then you should get the same result in a betting exchange.

If you are not sure how much you need to bet or how much profit you will get, you can use an arbitrage calculator. Basically, this is the same as a matched betting calculator. With this calculator, you will find out how much you need to bet against some bookmaker and you will see how much profit you will get from arb. On the market you will be able to find many different tools that can help you a lot with arbitrage.

Arbitrage without exchange

Unfortunately, betting exchanges are not available in all countries. Fortunately, the chances of surebets between two bookmakers will be higher than you imagine, and the ones you can use in all bookmaker countries. The moment you use two or more bookmakers to protect yourself, you will call it “Dutch.”. In addition, here you can have more than two selections. Many times, in the world of soccer, you will find arb to make Dutch at three different bookmakers. You will have one option for each team to win, and one will be for the draw. Dutching offers you round bets for your bets. In this way, your bets will look less suspicious, but still change the profit levels.

How to find safe bets?

There are 3 methods to find safe bets. One of those ways is to look for a betting offer. In this way, you can see that some bookmakers have particularly good odds on a certain outcome or event. Or you can use the odds comparison service. Many online services publish the odds of the major bookmakers in real time. You can find our odds comparison at Scannerbet.

With the third method, you can find safe betting services. Today you can find more services on the Internet that publish safe bets. In addition, you can find services where you will find safe bets in real time.

What is the problem with arbitrage betting?

Many people will say that there is no catch, others will say that the catch is that the chances to find profitable bets are rare. But that is not true, however, if you have many accounts in different bookmakers, you will have more chances. And your odds will come up several times every day.

But you will have to be careful because bookmakers don’t like you to take advantage of them. For that reason, don’t arbitrage too often, because there is a big chance that your account will have promotional restrictions, participation restrictions or your account will be blocked. Even if this happens, you will be able to take your balance and winnings, they cannot take your money.

Is there any danger during the arbitrage betting?

Of course, as in any situation in life, there are two sides to this story. Right and wrong. Without a doubt, one of the best things about arbitrage betting is that it is actually one of the safest ways to bet. But only if you apply correctly and if you follow all instructions. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Betting limits

Many bookmakers frown on arbitrage betting. It may happen that your account is suspended or limited. This is one of the most common reasons why people cannot bet in this way for a prolonged period of time.

Relatively large bank accounts

With arbitrage betting, you must have accounts open at different bookmakers. In each of them, you will need to invest money before you start betting. For that, you will need to invest a lot of money if you want to start with arbitrage betting.

Cancelled bets

Sometimes it may seem like you have placed a perfect bet with a big spread, and only a few minutes later you may find out that a bookmaker cancelled your bet due to a system error. For that reason, this form of betting is quite stressful and it is necessary to study the rules of each particular bookmaker.

Safe betting as a result of human error

Many times you will find extremely affordable sure bets with a 100% profit and more. As usual, in cases where something is too good to be true, you can expect it to be a mistake made when someone was writing a bid. All the bids you see on the monitor were entered by an error-prone bookmaker employee. Such a mistake is known as palpable errors. Almost all bookmakers reserve the right to cancel a bet in case of such an error. Especially if the match has not started yet.

Often, bookmakers will not see your mistake until the match starts, but you can be sure that this bet will be safely cancelled. Our advice is to avoid this type of betting. Such bets can generate more money, but they also carry significant risks.

How does a bookmaker know that you are playing?

For bookmakers, this will be an easy job to find if you are using surebets. But, unfortunately, many people will not see the obvious way in which they can detect it. Let’s talk a little bit about some of them.

Firstly, they are monitoring the SP or starting price of a horse or a team. In case the odds you choose are higher than the odds of the starting price, you are most likely using surebets. If you’re not using them, then you just know how to find a good value. In all respects, it will not please the bookmaker.

Secondly, they will monitor the exchange rates. In the same way, as we have a tool to check the odds in one place, the bookmaker has a similar tool. With that tool, they will track their own odds compared to the exchange. Sometimes, they will even set their odds to follow the exchange probabilities.

Now, when you know what arbitrage betting is, you can be sure that you will have a chance to win money. But before you start betting, take care of all the necessary things and you will win.