Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Review of Play Winner

When it comes to sports forecasts, it is necessary to talk about Play Winner, one of the youngest companies today, but with a constant growth that has allowed them to gradually consolidate their position in the market thanks to the hard work they are continuously doing.

It is important to note that in less than a year since they went public, they have been consolidating immediately, dare we say, in record time, with ups and downs that are absolutely normal in any start-up company, but with many more positive things to highlight.

A very favorable point they have is that they are not only dedicated solely and exclusively to offer sports forecasts, but they are also an engine for providing constant information on different disciplines with an exquisite writing, very pleasant for the eye of the beholder. On the other hand, they also offer audiovisual content that is pleasantly spectacular.

They have a sensational web platform, with a very comfortable theme and a quite appropriate use of colors that suit the idiosyncrasies of the company and the content that is shared there, in addition, they have their own app available on Play Store for free and available for any mobile device, something that very few companies have.

How can I watch the forecasts?

The predictions can be observed through the different WhatsApp groups that are created daily and you will be there for free where you will receive five daily predictions for a week that will serve to have a previous experience and see the quality of work that are constantly performed in this company and finally decide whether you want to purchase the subscription or not.

How to acquire VIP membership?

Previously we talked about those FREE Groups that this company manages, each one of them has a commercial agent available who is in charge of providing you with all the information corresponding to the subscriptions such as the packages that are available with their respective prices.

Monthly, semi-annual, annual and lifetime plans, with costs quite affordable for individuals. In addition, with a facility of payment through different methods available for several countries in general such as Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, with the possibility also to execute payments by credit card.

As a VIP user I only receive forecasts?

It is important to point out that once you purchase the VIP subscription from Play Winner you will have access to one of the VIP Groups where the predictions with the highest probability of success are sent, they handle an effectiveness rate of 75% where, in addition, you can have direct contact with sports analysts to discuss ideas and request any assistance required in terms of the realization of direct or combined bets.

You even have the possibility of requesting three additional daily forecasts that have not been sent to the group, you only have to indicate to the sports agent the match you want and they will analyze it in depth to indicate the best possible play of that event.